Did you receive an IRS Notice?

07-07-2021Tax Information

The Internal Revenue Service sent a large number of CP14 notices dated July 5, 2021 to individuals that had an amount due on their 2020 income tax return. These notices appear to be sent in error; however, there are steps you should take to prevent further action and dispute the amount due.

Based on our research and conversations with other CPAs, the IRS has deposited tax payments made on individual’s 2020 income returns; but has not updated individual accounts to credit payments made.

The IRS website discusses this notice in more detail. (Understanding Notice CP14) The IRS indicates you do need to contact the IRS if you disagree with the notice.

See your options below:

1) Respond yourself

  • Make a copy of your banking records showing your 2020 payment was made.
  • Attach the copy to the IRS Notice CP14 indicating “I disagree with the tax, penalties and interest due on this notice. Payment was made on (see attachment).” 
  • Make a copy of your correspondence. We suggest that that you send the response using a traceable method of delivery to prove you responded in a timely manner (if required). 
  • Kindly send us a copy of your response to TAXINFO@BCSBS.NET
  • You can also call the IRS at 800-829-8374.

2) Boudreau Consulting can respond on your behalf

  • Our firm can respond with a formal protest letter. 
  • We will need a copy of the notice, a copy of your proof of payment and a current Power of Attorney on file.
  • Please contact us at TAXINFO@BCSBS.NET or 480-776-3358 to arrange for an Engagement Letter for these services.

**If you filed a joint return, please determine the Social Security Number used with the payment. One potential issue is the IRS computers have the tax liability listed with the first Social Security Number, but your payment may have been applied under the second Social Security Number.

If you did not make the payment yet, please pay the total amount shown using the instructions on the notice.